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Black people make up 3.5% of all apprenticeships started in 2019, while 5.5% are Asian and 87.5% White

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The Highest Paid Apprenticeships in the UK

Top 5
  1.  Metropolitan Police Service – £30,000
  2. Banking and Finance – £21,799
  3. Accountancy / Acturial – £20,828
  4. It & Consultancy – £19.211
  5. Insurance, Asset and Investment             Management – £18,431

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The Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship combines academic study with ‘on the job learning’ as you work towards a fully funded BSc Hons in Professional Policing Practice from Anglia Ruskin University. ​It takes a minimum of 3 years to complete. ​Earn a salary while you learn. This is an ONGOING recruitment process.

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